How it works

Growth via DMs
1. We determine and extract your target audience after you give us your preferences. The target audience can be filtered using their interests, their location, gender.
2. We send Dms to your extracted Targeted audience via our own maintained accounts along with a link to your profile. Interested people click on the profile and when they like the profile, they start following you. Engagement rates are upwards of 15% and our clients end up on the explore page, more often than not
3. Your password is NOT required for growth via DMs

Growth Via Super Hybrid

- Is it safe to give the password?

Absolutely. Your password is directly taken from the form to the interface on our system. Security of your accounts is our top most priority

- Why Password and How it works?

We action thousands of likes/comments/follows/liking comments on your behalf on the posts of targeted users on a daily basis, through your profile. This puts your profile on the notifications of thousands each day. And when one sees that you have liked/commented etc on their post, many would be curious to know who the person is who interacted with them and come visit your profile, thereby increasing the traffic to your account. Now, when they visit your profile, if they like it, they start following you, else they don’t. We don’t force anyone to follow you and hence its probably the most organic way of growing. We do not action these on any random profile. We first extract the users that interact with posts of your specific genre and then action these, therby targeting only specific audience who cater to your niche! Similarly, we can target even city specific audience in case yours is a business or any niche where very accurate targeting is required. And since we need to login to like/comment etc from your profile, your password is required


Growth Via Booster

We again determine and extract your target audience. Once thats set up, we view upto 50000 stories a day of these targeted audience. Now, when they scroll through their story views and find a new person, some of them might be curious and end up visiting your page. If they like your profile, they follow you! Since we are dealing with numbers in thousands, you get a considerable amount of followers each day

How To Use SmashTags 

  1. Read Our FAQ section. Please take the help of Online support whenever possible, or even better if you can text us on whatsapp before signing up. Our number is +46762343974
  2. Choose the plan that suits you.
  3. Register where you will be asked about your personal information.
  4. Post registration, pay for the plan that you wish to take.
  5. On completion of the payment, you will be given an order number. Text us on whatsapp with your order number so that we action faster. If not, we will get in touch with you within 2 working days and start the plan.
  6. You will be assigned an account manager who will help you with all your needs for Instagram.
  7. The account manager will work with you and complete the entire set.